On the Hunt

It’s been awhile since I have updated. Seeing as it is December now, a good recap of the year.

For the last 8 months or so I have strictly been tuning. It has been going great and there has been a fairly steady stream of clients which I appreciate. I want to continue to grow and move forward. It seems the next big step will be to move into a physical shop location and purchase a dyno to help pay for it. I have been in the talks with people about doing this and it seems most everything is falling into place. For peace of mind and in the interest of being comfortable, I am saving up to pay for the first couple months rent of a building that way there is less stress. I am actively looking for a building of about 4-6k sq ft. to move into. If anyone has information on a building that might work, please reach out!

For now, I will keep offering my value pricing on tunes with top notch service. Once again I appreciate everyone that has come to me for tunes or recommended me to friends and others. Leaving a simple review on google would help immensely! Google Review

Thank you!

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