On the Hunt

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It’s been awhile since I have updated. Seeing as it is December now, a good recap of the year. For the last 8 months or so I have strictly been tuning. It has been going great and there has been a fairly steady stream of clients which I appreciate. I want to continue to grow […]

H2 Performance X R.Spec

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Proud to announce a growing partnership between H2 Performance and R.Spec. This move really made sense after meeting Dustin a while back and realizing his passion for the car community and seeing how he approached it so much differently than any other shop. What this means for you: A full fledged shop with over 15 years […]

The Connecting Rod

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The connecting rod is an intricate part of the heart of every motor. I believe that each motor can only be as good as the core parts. Rods really come into play is as soon as we push Subaru’s past 350-400whp That range can seem a little drastic, but it depends on the goals of […]

The External Wastegate

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Typically we see horsepower gains in the top end of the cars performance. The stock internal gate on subarus are weak at controlling boost in high load areas, the gate itself is too small and gets forced open and boost pressure is lost up top. We can remedy this problem by permanently closing the internal […]