Pre-Tune Checklist

This is my recommended list for clients to go over themselves before a tune.

It helps to minimize hiccups and difficulties during the calibration process.

Pre-Tune Checklist:

Mechanical Check List:

● Engine Compression

● Vacuum, Intake manifold and intercooler sealed under vacuum and pressure.

● Oil and water lines properly tightened.

● Turbo has no cracks or leaks .

● Boost solenoid installed properly and operational.

● Exhaust properly installed and leak free.

● No leaks of any kind from the crankcase, cooling system, transmission etc.

● Spark Plugs fresh and gapped correctly.

● Oil fresh and full.


Fuel System:

● Fuel pump properly sized and in working order

● Fuel Injectors clean, flow properly and free of leaks.

● Fuel pressure regulator in good working order.

● Fuel filter clean and functioning properly.

● Fuel lines and hoses properly installed and free of leaks.



● Clutch working properly and able to handle the power/torque.

● Transmission working properly and filled with clean fluid.

● Differentials working properly and filled with clean fluid.

● Wheel bearings in good working order.

● Brakes functioning properly and properly suited for your power level.

● Wheels in good condition and properly balanced

● Vehicle properly aligned.



● Vehicle grounds all connected properly.

● Battery and alternator working properly.

● No check engine lights or codes (which cannot be fixed through a tune).

● Engine management hardware present. (accessport, serial to usb cable, etc.)



● Registration, tags and Insurance must be up to date and present!