Tuning Waiver

There are potential risks and dangers that are involved with engine management tuning. Tuning is a test of the mechanical limits of my vehicle and can cause failure to components. It is strictly intended for offroad use and R.Spec, LLC can not be held responsible for emissions related issues caused by tuning. Any damage incurred before, during, or after the vehicle is being operated on, and tuned is in no way fault of R.Spec, LLC. Any damage to my vehicle, or the vehicles transmission, transfer assembly, engine, tires, clutch, brakes etc. is the responsibility of the vehicle(s) owner. Situations can arise during the tuning that is beyond the control of the tuner. I am aware of the potential risks involved with dyno or street testing / tuning and that I waive any and all claims against R.Spec, LLC.

Vehicles will undergo a brief pre-tune inspection, but the car is otherwise ready to be tuned. Any time that is spent with repairs and/or modifications of the vehicle to appropriately complete the tuning may be subject to extra fees that is under the discretion of R.Spec, LLC. If the tuning can not be completed due to mechanical or part compatibility issues, at least half of the tune must be paid, and the rest of the cost is at the discretion of R.Spec, LLC.

We thank you for your cooperation and we hope you will enjoy your tune from R.Spec
Sincerely, R.Spec, LLC.