Engine Management Tuning led from the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Riley Carson at R.Spec tuning has been calibrating for over 10 years. With every single tune done, I strive to find pathways to improve upon my past products and outcomes.

Every car needs to be customized to the individual’s style and driving habits. However each car has a personality and characteristics that it responds to. There is a happy medium between the two, and that is where I come into play. When you hire me to tune your car, you are trusting in my ability to decipher how your car will react and function based upon my knowledge. At that point I will adjust your car to what I deem necessary to accomplish in giving you the best, longest lasting, and most fun end product. I am always willing to work with you in reaching an end goal that will make you satisfied.

As of now I specialize in Subaru’s and have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to them. I have worked in the industry for the past 10 years and with just shy of 3,000 tunes completed, I have elevated my understanding of them immensely. Do not hesitate to contact me with unique projects of other makes and models though. Including but not limited to:

Subaru | Nissan | Infiniti | BMW | Mitsubishi | Mazda | Toyota | Ford | Chevy | Dodge | GMC | Audi | VW | Honda | Datsun | Etc

Mustang MD-150 AWD Dyno